Flat Ring Pendant with Assegai and Beads

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A captivating pendant featuring a large flat ring with two assegai and several beads hanging from it. The disc is available in black and white, while the assegai and bead colours come in black, ivory, and white. Elevate your style with this glamorous statement piece.

Made from resin

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Introducing the Flat Ring Pendant with Assegai and Beads by Jen Kahn, an exquisite accessory that adds a touch of elegance and individuality to your look.

Key Features:

Flat Ring Design: The large flat ring design adds an eye-catching element to the pendant.

Assegai and Beads: The two assegai and multiple beads enhance the pendant’s sophistication.

Variety of Colours: Choose from an array of colours, including black, white, ivory, and more to match your outfit.

Elevate your fashion statement with this glamorous pendant from Jen Kahn. Shop now and take your outfit to the next level.



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