About Jen Kahn Clothing

“We believe in creating designs that enhance the beauty of women, bringing alive their personalities as well as the physical form they reflect to the world.”

JEN KAHN has clothed women from all walks of life, from all over the globe for more than 3 decades, transforming both the way they look as well as the way they feel. “It is central to our philosophy that every woman is born to exude elegance and style. The designs focus on enhancing the beauty of all women, celebrating every shape, size and age.” This approach to design has culminated in a diverse and distinctive collection, in colours from jewel to obsidian, from toe-kissing garments that sweep into a room, to body-hugging pieces that hold every eye. To compliment the exquisite fabrics, Jen Kahn has, ‘a bold statement line’ of iconic handmade jewellery. Each component is personally sourced and selected by Jen Kahn to enhance the colours and concepts of each season’s collections.

Our history

Jen Kahn’s lifelong passion for couture is deeply rooted in her childhood. From the moment she created her first simple garment at a very young age, she found her destiny. In 1983 she launched her eponymous label and achieved universal acclaim as a master of timeless design. Small wonder Jen Kahn was the first South African to exhibit on the prestigious Paris Pret-a-Porter in 1985. With great success.

Her prestige as an avant-garde designer combined with her affinity for natural fabrics and prints has resulted in a signature aesthetic that is uniquely enduring. Jen Kahn collections are created from the world’s finest 100% linen, viscose jersey knits and viscose georgette. All natural fabrics, all both luxuriously tactile and visually exquisite.

Jen Kahn pieces are not only highly creative. They are also pragmatic. They slip with effortless style from day into night. From relaxed to black tie. From the board room to onboard ship. Every look accessorised by her iconic hand-made jewellery, reflecting the subtle drama of her vision. Her clean, classic lines, executed with bold certainty, create luxury at its finest.

Shop 4 Village Center, 56 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek, Western Cape

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