The exclusive Michelangelo Towers Mall in the heart of Sandton City in Johannesburg is home to the Jen Kahn black label flagship store.  

Image9 Like the artworks in a gallery, her body flattering garments in a palette from dark to jewel brights, from mono blocks of colour to organic designs, are irresistible to the senses.  The look and feel of 100% linen, silk, georgette and stretch knits add another dimension to the concept of fashion.

 Come, slip into unique designs fashioned in fabrics usually seen only on the catwalks of the world’s most celebrated designers.  Make an appointment today to meet with Jen for the simply exquisite garments that will take you from a breakfast presentation to lunch at the club, from the school run to cocktails on a yacht. And every occasion in between.

 With Jen Kahn you wear more than fashion.  You wear a way of life.