The Jen Kahn label. A fashion experience

I believe in creating designs that enhance the beauty of women, bringing alive their personalities as well as the physical form they reflect to the world.

JEN KAHN has clothed women from all walks of life, from all over the globe for more than 3 decades, transforming both the way they look as well as the way they feel.

Because it is central to my philosophy that every woman is born to exude elegance and style, my designs focus on enhancing the beauty of all women, celebrating every shape, size and age.

This approach to design has culminated in a diverse and distinctive collection, in colours from jewel to obsidian, from toe-kissing garments that sweep into a room, to body-hugging pieces that hold every eye.

To compliment her exquisite fabrics, JEN KAHN has launched a bold, statement line of handmade jewelery, exclusive to her. Each component is personally sourced and selected by Jen Kahn to enhance the colours and concepts of every season.


Jen Kahn White